(L to R) Omarion, Apryl Jones, Lil Fizz (Getty)

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and if there was ever a master class in how to cook it up properly, singer Omarion just proved that he might be a top chef.

For most of 2019 fans of B2K and of drama in general, have been watching the ongoing saga between Omarion and bandmate Lil Fizz as the latter has made a public spectacle of his current romantic relationship with the former’s ex-girlfriend, Apryl Jones.

However, what could have easily been a prickly love triangle, has instead become a glorious illustration of what happens when someone tries to bait you into an argument that you just refuse to show up for.

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Regardless of how many episodes of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Fizz and Jones film pretending to just be “best friends,” how many interviews they do about why their romance suddenly isn’t shady, or how many jabs they take at their haters, Omarion has very decidedly remained unbothered.

Omarion gets the last word

At least that’s what many of us thought, until Tuesday, when he released the line up for his new and improved Millennium tour which includes special guests Bow Wow (co-headliner), Sammie, Lloyd (returning act), the Ying Yang Twins (returning act), Pretty Ricky (returning act) and Soulja Boy.

But nowhere in sight, is his actual band B2K.

All that money to be made (reportedly tens of millions for each person) and the group that he spent his entire young adulthood touring with isn’t going to get any of it just because one of them chose to sleep with O’s baby mama.

“It’s about that time. What a blessing to commemorate this accomplishment by headlining #milleniumtour2020 #20yearsinMusic2020 🙌🏾,” the singer wrote to much fan fare in his comments section.

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And just as everyone was applauding him for the boss move of pressing forward without his betrayer profiting from his tour, popular urban media site, The Shade Room revealed that today — the day of the announcement — is also Lil Fizz’s birthday.

My mind is completely blown.

There’s petty, and then there’s this! Which takes it to a place of sheer mastery that perhaps only a Scorpio like O (the astrological sign of vengeance) could pull off with so much coolness.

It’s not just what you did its how you did it

Now to be fair Apryl Jones says the reason she has no issue with sleeping with her ex’s bandmate is because she was abandoned in her relationship and Fizz was who came to her rescue.

“He’s mean to me,” she recently confided to Nick Cannon while speaking of her ex. “But my kids are happy that’s all that matters. Omari knows that he can’t talk about it publicly because he would have to tell the whole truth. I let him go, it took me about a year and a half to let him go. It was the hardest breakup of my life.”

If what Jones says is true, then how can we blame her for loving the man who put her back together right? Shouldn’t we be happy that one of our sisters found love in a good man after heartache.

Isn’t that the premise of all those Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey movies that we gobble up year after year? So why are so many of us turned off by Jones’ new lease on life instead of finding it inspiring?

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Well, for one, falling in love doesn’t necessitate that you create a media firestorm that you knew would put your beloved ex in a nasty public predicament and then have the nerve to stoke those flames of that fire by having a reality show camera crew film it all.

Falling in love doesn’t mean you have to intentionally shove your PDA down our throats even after several of your high profile friends and associates have publicly plead with you to show more decorum.

And last but not least, falling in love is supposed to be about the two people actually doing the falling, not the more successful ex-friend and ex-lover they seem to be putting on a show for.

When it comes to Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones, Omarion essentially dumped both of them, and they in some part bonded over their shared resentments caused by living in his shadow. So on a basic human level, one could objectively see why some part of them may have wanted to prove to O (and themselves) that they could do well without him.

But here’s the thing about taking an aim at a man whose talent, impact (and poker face) eclipses your own: if you shoot, you better not miss!

And in this case, not only did this prickly duo come short of hitting their mark, they also took an unnecessary L by pissing their shared boogyman off enough to finally illicit a response from him that’s left all of US breathless with embarrassment on their behalf.

Time for a truce?

Today, by announcing his destined to be successful tour on Lil Fizz’s birthday, Omarion used his marketing skills to take a proverbial “kill shot” that has probably hit both Jones and Fizz between the eyes. And we’re all clear of that, no matter how many lovey-dovey posts they put up trying to convince us otherwise.

The jig is up, pham. And hopefully this ends this one-sided beef for good. Because in the words of O during a recent interview with Vlad TV, “I think they should change the narrative though. Because if it’s their so-called happiness then I shouldn’t be a part of it.”

Translation: Keep that man’s name out your mouths or risk becoming clowns in the court of public opinion. Getting the last word isn’t worth all of this.

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