Killer Mike says he accepted ‘no money’ to support Bernie Sanders

The rapper made clear that he's already rich and would never accept money to co-sign a politician

Like several other celebrities, Killer Mike is supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders for president but yet at least one of his Twitter followers is accusing him of accepting money from the Sanders campaign – an accusation the conscious rapper staunchly denies.

Killer Mike posted a tweet saying he aligned his support with Sanders the same way other heavyweights in the rap game are backing him.

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“If I’m a regular every day black person in America and @BootsRiley @MrChuckD & @KillerMike all agree on the same Presidential candidate Umma really have to consider that candidate because these three in music and real life action really give a damn,” Killer Mike tweeted, ending with #Sanders2020 #Vote.

The senator from Vermont has also received support from Cardi B, Spike Lee, Tessa Thompson, and Ariana Grande.

Most people seemed to agree with Killer Mike. However, at least one person commented that the rapper isn’t being authentic.

“Keep it real mike… You all get paid to support bernie .. lets call a spade a spade. Im starting to question your Integrity,” wrote Floridagrouperking.

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Another suggested that a huge platform is a form of currency.

“In the age of social media, the ability to influence is currency,” responded Robert F. Trilliams.

Killer Mike said as a man thinketh, so is he.

“Keep it really real. I’m accept NO MONEY from any politician. I am already rich,” the rapper shot back. “People who will prostitute themselves for money usually assume others follow the same philosophy,” he went on to write, adding several hashtags including #IamAlreadyPaidBruhBruh #NegroRichAndContent #IdontTakeMoneyFromPoliticians #TryAgainBubba #IActuallyDoTheWork.

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One person argued that just because a person is smart in one area doesn’t mean that he or she knows what is best for the country politically.

“They are brilliant artists, they are not up on politics or political theory. Following a herd mentality usually ends negatively,” countered @AmosW82_BM.

It’s often best to just stick to the issues.