Tyler Perry addresses complaints about the wigs on his shows: ‘Stop asking me about some damn hair’

The filmmaker clapped back at his naysayers and also pointed out that his stylists actually make a lot of money while working on long shoot days

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Tyler Perry is once and for all addressing everyone on social media who has cracked jokes about the dubious wigs worn by the actors on his shows.

Over the years fans and critics alike have given Perry the side-eye for the hairstyles featured in his productions, the most recent target being his hit BET drama, Sistas, which is centered around five successful Black women living in Atlanta.

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Actor Tyler Perry discuss his new book “Higher Is Waiting” during a SiriusXM ‘Town Hall’ event hosted by Joel & Victoria Osteen on November 13, 2017 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

In fact, if you look up “Tyler Perry wig budget” on social media you’ll see that many Twitter users use that term as shorthand for being broke. But recently the uber-successful producer and filmmaker clapped back at his naysayers and also pointed out that his stylists actually make a lot of money while working on long shoot days, TVLine reports

“I want all of y’all to stop talking about hair to me, please,” the 51-year-old said on The Tyler Perry Show: Sistas After-Show Edition. “I swear to you, these are the things I can do: I can run a company, I can build a house, I can go on stage. I do all of this stuff. I know what I do. I don’t know how to do hair. I don’t know nothing about it.”

“I hire people to do hair. Pay them $65 an hour,” he continued. “You heard that right. Sixty-five dollars an hour. They work 10 to 12 hours a day to make sure the hair is right. That’s their job, so I’m paying them to do their job and they’re doing that. They’re doing a great job. Sometimes, things slip because I move a little fast, but they get it done.”

He’s also advising people to drop the issue because he has no plans of changing his successful formula any time soon.

“Stop asking me about some damn hair,” he said. “Go talk to somebody that’s got a hot curler. Like I’m walking around with a damn hot curler.”

Despite his explanation, some were still skeptical, pointing out the results speak for themselves.

“Tyler Perry pays them beauticians $65 an hour to create wigs that look like helmets,” tweeted one unmoved viewer.

‘Tyler Perry says he pays hairstylists on his set $65 an hr to work 10-12 hrs a day doing hair. Ain’t no way they wigs should look that bad. WE know better. Instead of him getting upset he needs to listen and hire better hairstylists,” chimed in another, echoing the sentiments of many on social media.

As the hair debate continues, one thing Perry’s fans can all agree on is their excitement that his most famous character is finally making a comeback. Madea is officially coming out of retirement, theGrio previously reported.

While Perry announced he would be hanging up his iconic Madea costume for good in 2019, he is already itching to get back into it with a new Netflix film. The multi-hyphenate media mogul is set to star as Madea again in Netflix’s upcoming film, A Madea Homecoming. It will also be written and directed by Perry.

The forthcoming installment is the 12th official film in the Madea franchise. While there is no official release date just yet, it has been confirmed that the film is set to drop on the streaming service in 2022.

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