5 wedding favors people want

Although not always a terrible idea, certain wedding favors are preferable to others. Here are some items people would be just fine with receiving.

Last week, theGrio highlighted five wedding favors nobody really wants to receive. The list detailed why wedding guests do not care to receive bells, items bearing the couple’s photo or initials, bubbles, matchsticks or pocket knives. So, it would be wrong if we didn’t give you some better suggestions. Right?

The Knot reported that in 2022, couples spent an average of $30,000 on their wedding and reception to ensure they and their guests would remember their special day.

Wedding favor ideas
Consumables double as a sweet and delicious wedding favor. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Here are some wedding favors people would be just fine with receiving.

Shot glasses. You can never go wrong by including a shot glass, even if the wedding guest isn’t usually a drinker. They may be fashioned in a variety of ways, providing distinctive and enjoyable aesthetics, plus they let you regulate how much alcohol you are ingesting, which is never a bad thing.

Something about a good bottle of champagne makes you feel so sparkly and special. While it needs no further explanation, please note that it also can be good for your heart.

A framed photo of the bride or groom and the specific guest works. Pictures might be all we have left of someone someday. Giving wedding guests a framed photo to mark the significant occasion gives them a chance to look back on the day with pride, and it’ll also ensure that they never forget the special moment or the person who gave them something to commemorate it.

Even though hand sanitizer can seem like a small wedding favor, your visitors will utilize it as the world grapples with viruses and diseases like COVID-19, the flu and other respiratory infections.

Consumables double as a sweet and delicious wedding favor. Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious candy bar, a petit four, a donut or a gooey chocolate chip cookie to name a few? And you won’t have to worry about these favors going to waste because your guests will likely be looking forward to a quick treat after dancing and celebrating.

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