Watch: Danielle Young at CultureCon

Young, known to her longtime fans as "the content queen," shared her favorite Black TV shows with theGrio's James L. Gilmore at CultureCon LA.

Longtime writer/editor/producer/host Danielle Young, known to her fans as “the content queen,” helped contribute to the excellence, experience and energy last month over the pre-Juneteenth weekend at CultureCon LA.

At the June 17 confab, where attendees of the first Los Angeles-held CultureCon aimed to forge connections with fellow Black creators and entrepreneurs, theGrio’s James L. Gilmore got Young to share her feelings about the “amazing festival,” which comes to New York City in October, and reveal her favorite Black television shows over the past decades.

The following is a transcript of their conversation.

Longtime writer/editor/producer/host Danielle Young, known to her fans as “the content queen,” shares a moment with theGrio at CultureCon LA.

James L. Gilmore: We’ve got Danielle Young here. She just got off a panel. How are we doing today? Is this your first time at CultureCon here in LA.?

Danielle Young: Well, this is CultureCon’s first time here in LA, right? I’ve been to CultureCon before. It’s an amazing festival … it’s, like, I mean I call it a festival. It might as well be a festival! It is one of the most Black, culturally relevant, energetic conferences that I’ve ever been to. And so, yeah, I’m glad to be here.

Gilmore: So, you know, coming from the TV world, what is your favorite Black series? I know you answered on the panel: What’s your favorite Black series of the last few decades that you could always go back to? And you may have a few.

Young: I have a few. “Living Single” is the start. “[A] Different World,” “[The] Cosby Show,” “[The] Parkers,” “Martin,” “[The] Jamie Foxx Show” and “[The] Fresh Prince [of Bel Air].”

Gilmore: Can’t go wrong with “Jamie Foxx” or “Fresh Prince.”

Young: Literally, like, Jamie … Oh, my God, there’s so much about Jamie Foxx as a performer. But the show really gave us a chance to see beyond just his silliness. He’s a great actor.

Gilmore: Right. Lastly, what words of advice would you give other, like, Black people that look like us, that want that opportunity to go out there and produce and work with other Black creatives around the world? What words of advice would you give them?

Young: I would talk to the people that look like me. OK, please don’t let anything physical — what you look like, who you are — get in the way of what you’re able to do. Like, sharing your gifts is much bigger than your demographic. You know what I mean? I think a lot of people, Hollywood will have you think that you don’t belong or that you don’t deserve to be seen or don’t deserve to be heard. But that’s just not true anymore. I think the world is craving realness. So, if you are who you are and sharing the gifts that you were given, there is literally no limit. And I feel like I’m a testament to that.

Gilmore: You are absolutely. On theGrio here at Culture Con with Danielle. Thank you so very much.

Young: We love theGrio.

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