Former ‘Married at First Sight’ bride Paige Banks celebrates new engagement

After welcoming their first child together in February, Paige Banks and her partner Justin Williams prepare for a new milestone.

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Paige Banks from "Married at First Sight" announces new engagement. (Screenshot: Lifetime/YouTube)

Looks like “Married at First Sight” alum Paige Banks is finally getting her happily ever after. This week, in an interview with People magazine, the former reality television star announced her engagement to her partner, Justin Williams. Recounting the moment with the publication, Banks shared how Williams surprised her by leading her to believe they were doing a photo shoot in the location of their first date to celebrate their one-year anniversary on April 13. 

“It was a nice 360 moment,” she said, sharing details on how Williams proposed. “He just was reflecting on the year we had together and how much he loved me and wanted to continue doing life with me. [He] said he got me a necklace for our one year, and once I opened it I saw the ring and was pleasantly surprised.” 

Banks appeared on season 12 of Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight,” where viewers watched the tumultuous saga of her relationship with co-star Chris Williams unfold. Having since healed from the emotional rollercoaster of their unhealthy onscreen marriage, Banks says she and her now-fiancé Justin had been discussing marriage “for quite some time.” 

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In September 2023, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. On Feb. 26, 2024, they welcomed a baby girl, Nova Rae. 

“I saw the two lines come across the test and I was shocked, happy and anxious all at the same time,” she said, announcing her pregnancy, per People magazine. “I’ve always wanted to be a mother and embrace all of the beautiful possibilities that come with raising and nurturing a child of my own, and finally, I felt like God had answered the desires of my heart and gave me something that I had been yearning for.”

“I’m super grateful that I can share this journey with my person, my safe space, my confidante and most importantly, my best friend. Life isn’t always easy, but doing it with [Justin] makes things so worthwhile and I can’t wait to see [Justin] in action with our little love,” she added. 

Accepting Williams’ proposal a little less than three months after bringing Nova home, Banks says the engagement “just solidified [their] relationship even more.” 

“4.13.24 marks the beginning of forever,” Banks shared. “[I’m] excited to embark on this journey of love and partnership with my best friend. From our first date at the Ferris wheel to a year later with my forever mate. Here’s to a lifetime of laughter, adventures, and endless love.”