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Snoop Dogg didn't waste time jokingly sidestepping John Legend and claiming the 'Sexiest Man Alive' title for himself on social media
This week Gayle King made a surprising admission about an X rated photo shoot that she says will never see the light of day.
It's widely known that 50 Cent is a bit of an internet troll who enjoys poking fun at everyone, but this week he seemed to have turned his sights on the star of his own show, 'Power.'

The new streaming service is trying to be sensitive, but Whoopi Goldberg wants to create a dialogue around them for modern audiences
A discriminatory dress code will cost a New York hair salon $70,000, along with a mandate that workers there get training on styling Black hair
Cops tackled a man to the floor of a subway platform, but activists say it was unnecessary and made demands to end police harassment

Lena Waithe says she married longtime partner Alana Mayo in a spur of the moment decision in San Francisco in front of its historic city hall
One of the passengers in the car with Kevin Hart when it was in a horrifiyng wreck says her fiance' is now on the road to recovery despite his injuries
Conservatie pundit Candace Owens said racial issues were drummed up by Barack Obama and were nonexistent earlier, but a journalist brought up a racial harassment lawsuit she filed when she was just 18

Rapper Eminem said leaked lyrics in which he defended Chris Brown after a violent incident with Rihanna were old and that his relationship with her is good
NY State Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages, is attempting to move forward a bill that would do away with "virginity exams" which she says are archaic and sexist
Charlamagne did not hold back when LaKeith Stanfield included his morning radio show 'The Breakfast Club' in a list of media platforms he deemed 'anti-Black
John Legend doesn't have Dwayne Johnson or Idris Elba's "manly man" image, but there are some things that qualify him as PEOPLE's "Sexiest Man Alive"
While Colin Kaepernick was invited to an Atlanta workout for NFL coaches and managers, and Jay-Z was reportedly linked to the move, there are issues with the league and the quarterback's camp that have developed
Toni Morrison, who died in August, will be eulogized by celebrities and literary luminaries for her accomplishment in the world of culture and literature
Looks like Kanye West and his popular Sunday Service choir may be headed over to Joel Osteen's megachurch.
Samuel "Blitz" Bazawuke's "The Burial of Kojo" has been cleared for a potential Golden Globes award nomination in the Best Foreign Films category
A Black restaurant worker in Phoenix received a racist insult on a food order but when he complained about it, his bosses blew it off
Hate-based homicides jumped year-over-year in 2018 and there was an overall increase in hate crimes according to new FBI crime statistics
A group of Facebook employees composed an anonymous essay outlining what they say is a difficult racial culture at the social media giant, filled with micro- and macroaggressions