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Democratic candidate for President, Sen. Cory Booker has made it clear that choosing a woman is a very real, and even preferable, option.
Jussie Smollett's first interview since his attack in Chicago last month will air on ABC this week and a new teaser shows him breaking down in tears.
During Tuesday night’s edition of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, the host ended the show by covering yet another blackface scandal.

Director Spike Lee is eying actor and Wakanda expert, actor Chadwick Boseman to join the ensemble cast of his upcoming film for Netflix.
After an Ohio State University student was kidnapped, the suspect allegedly led police on a chase, which ended in the deaths of both the victim and her alleged kidnapper.
One of Gucci's most loyal customers, Soulja Boy, surprised fans this week by announcing he was distancing himself from the brand.

It looks like the highly-anticipated sequel to Eddie Murphy's comedic masterpiece Coming to America has finally gotten a release date.
For the second time, rapper Nicki Minaj has used her fans and internet followers to go after someone she hates, but this is nothing more than thinly veiled show of cyberbullying.
The hosts of 'Fox & Friends' broke away from their usual Obama bashing to actually praise Michelle Obama for her surprise appearance at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Michigan is supposed to pay wrongfully convicted citizens to make up for the time they spent in jail, but the problem is they don't have the money.
A Catholic school in North Carolina is facing backlash after inviting a Black lesbian alumna to speak at a Black History Month event.
 Given all the blackface controversies making headlines lately, it might be unsurprising that a new poll has found a large section of the American population secretly doesn't think there's anything wrong with the racially charged practice.According to the Atlanta...
A Kentucky mother has been arrested after her 4-year-old daughter passed out at school and later tested positive for cocaine.According to local CBS affiliate WKYT, the child didn't wake up from a school nap time and had to be was...
 For the third year in a row, pro-Trump singer Joy Villa has made a statement on the red carpet at the 61st Grammy Awards by wearing a gown clearly meant to provoke the anger of those in attendance while...
In audio of a newly released 911 call, Bow Wow allegedly tried to prevent ex girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie Holden from calling the police before their infamous fight.
A white woman who attends Broadneck High School took to social media to lash out after her school basketball team lost to members of a mostly Black Annapolis High School basketball team.
University of Richmond alum Michael Kizzie says he is just getting over the shock and embarrassment of being featured in this racist photo.
Judge orders R. Kelly's Chicago studio to only be open during standard business hours since it is only zoned for commercial use.
Police say a Baptist minister in South Carolina has confessed after being arrested for raping and impregnating a teenager.
A Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokeswoman has confirmed that Bill Cosby entered the general population last month.