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Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos holding their black fists in the air at the 1968 Summer Olympics were a direct and heavy-handed smack in the face of white supremacy and Jim Crow-era policies.
A Maryland police officer has been arrested after allegedly raping a woman in her car during a routine traffic stop.
Turkey renames the street leading to the new US Embassy to Malcolm X Avenue in reverence to the famed Black Muslim civil rights leader.

This week an article appeared in the conservative magazine, the National Review, warning its readership of a new trend where liberals have started using the term, "white women" as a slur.In the op-ed entitled, "White Women Becomes a Disparaging Term," writer Kyle...
We uncovered details about the Proud Boys and their overall agenda after a street fight broke out this weekend.
In an interview with Van Jones, comedian Dave Chappelle retracted his previous statements about giving President Donald Trump a second chance and praising his love for his brother, Kanye West.

It's been a few weeks since Justice Brett Kavanaugh's controversial confirmation into the Supreme Court, and yet, liberals and conservatives are finding drastically different ways to cope with the news.
There's aa lot more to J.Cole than the 33-year-old rapper wants us to know.
Sources claim NIKE wasn't always so sure about using Colin Kaepernick in their ad.

Seems like Steve Harvey might be harboring some resentment about rapper Pusha-T mocking his trademark suits during his notorious diss track The Story of Adidon.
D.C. high school principal Aqueelha James is in hot water and has been put on administrative leave, due to her inappropriate reaction to a student's claim of sexual assault.
Bill Cosby's first meal, after being sentenced to three-10 years for sexual assault, has been revealed and it's painfully ironic.
Kanye West apparently thinks it's possible to love Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick both at the same time.
 Video vixen-turned-women's rights advocate Amber Rose shared her thoughts on Bill Cosby's sentencing this week, and it didn't go over well.After Cosby receiving a three to 10 year prison sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand 14 years ago, Rose told...
 Dr. Christine Blasey Ford knows exactly who sexually assaulted her and was determined to speak her truth.Thursday, Brett Kavanaugh's accuser told members of the Senate her strongest recollection of her alleged sexual assault included Kavanaugh and his buddy Mark Judge...
O.J Simpson is calling for Bill Cosby to be put on house arrest instead of going to jail - for his own safety.
A NY Times ad featurs the names of 1,600 men who support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has been printed in the New York Times and pays homage to Anita Hill.
Melania Trump is bringing her #BeBest foolishness to Africa, and there's nothing we can do about it.Wednesday, the first lady announced that she would be visiting Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt next week, kicking off her first major international...
Wednesday writer, professor and television host, Melissa Harris Perry joined in on the conversation by revealing her experience as a victim of rape.