Wendy Wilson

TheGrio reached out to principals and teachers who interact with children of all ages and backgrounds daily. If given the opportunity to tell him personally, this is what they would like President Trump to know about where they stand on the idea of gun-toting teachers in the classroom.
Idris Elba, fresh off a surprise marriage proposal at a film screening, is taking his talents back to the British small screen this spring when he stars in a story based on his own childhood in a UK-produced comedy called In...
There are several events today remembering Martin, who if he had lives, would be 23-years old.
The duo dropped their new track and video for “Stranger Things” today and in doing so, also teased an upcoming joint album called Angels & Demons.
On June 15, 2015, a car driven by vibrant, 26-year-old African-American schoolteacher Breaion King was pursued by a police officer in Austin, Texas. HBO's Traffic explores a routine traffic stop that suddenly escalates into yet another violent confrontation with police, followed by King's dramatic arrest.
While the reports that Nikolas Cruz, the white terrorist who killed 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, was a member of a white racist hate group have wained, it does't mean that we shouldn't continue to have an in-depth discussion about the violence of white racism.
Taking a page from the #BlackGirlMagic handbook, there are three amazing Nigerian-American women who are the first Nigerian athletes to compete at the Winter games.
Black History is essentially a retelling of the past that is “limited” to one month of the year, which in fact, only continues legacies of denial and denigration of Black life and Black contributions.
President Trump’s notion of due process for two of his former aides accused of domestic abuse was missing when he sought retribution in the Central Park Jogger case
As Congress continues to work on a bipartisan deal, DACA recipients like Dr. Nancy Adossi are left wondering what will happen to their American dreams after the March 5, 2018 deadline.
Rising wages, more jobs, and overall lower unemployment claims were all reported in the January 2018 jobs report. So, why are so many African Americans still unemployed. We investigate.
Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles took to Twitter to issue a letter on Monday to reveal that she can relate to the #MeToo movement. The often charismatic and self-professed “happy, giggly, energetic” athlete added her name to the growing list...
The controversial class teaches how to navigate in a system constructed to dominate and oppress POC