Eric’s Perspective

Eric's Perspective : A podcast series on African American art | Episode #4 feat. Paul Von Blum
In the fourth episode of Eric’s Perspective podcast, political and civil rights activist Paul Von Blum recounts his life experiences.
/ November 17, 2020
Eric’s Perspective: Dr. Joy Simmons
In the third episode of Eric’s Perspective, Eric Hanks chats with Dr. Joy Simmons who offers insight for art lovers interested in collecting.
/ November 17, 2020
In episode two of Eric’s Perspective, a podcast dedicated to exploring Black art, Eric Hanks talks with renowned artist Phoebe Beasley.
/ November 14, 2020
On the Eric’s Perspective podcast, Michael Massenburg shares how the Watts Rebellion and Rodney King protests shaped his lens as an artist.
/ October 29, 2020