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Yes, everything does happen for a reason

Episode 16

Most of us are quick to embrace our positive life experiences. And yet the learning, the growth, often comes from the painful experiences that we must also endure. In the first of this 2-part episode, Kevin “Boss” Ross reveals what it took for him to land his dream job, hosting America’s Court with Judge Ross.


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Hi, I’m Kevin Ross. And this is The Podcast.

Yes, Everything Does Happen For a Reason Part One.

Recently, I taped new episodes of my show, “America’s Court with Judge Ross”. As season 13 winds down I couldn’t be more pleased. I actually get to work on something, not only that I love but also matches my skill set and what I’m passionate about. It wasn’t always this way.

If I’m truly keeping it 100 many would not have bet that – yours truly – could even get a Monday through Friday nationally televised gig, let alone one that would have any kind of staying power. And it all started because I was destined – in my mind at least – to become a politician. Now, as I’ve shared previously, check out my older podcast. Yes, shameless plug is being inserted right here.

Ok, where was I? Yeah, yeah, three – five years after finishing law school, I ran for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council. Despite taking on a well known, well financed incumbent, I wholeheartedly believed at the time, that God was steering my ship towards victory shores – You follow. Actually, it wasn’t even about me.

I was merely the vessel being used for a different vision pertaining to job creation, safer streets, youth educational programs – You get the idea. Here was the challenge – I was a rank and file criminal prosecutor voters didn’t know from a can of paint.

Raising my profile therefore, was the first order of business. So this then 31 year old began writing op-ed pieces appearing in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. I was featured in various national magazines like “Ebony”.

I finagled my way on to TV and radio programs until finally, without any journalism experience whatsoever, I became a producer and co-host on a weekly community public affairs show. Now granted, I wasn’t paid to do this – and I’ll talk more about that in another episode –

But it gave me a platform. It provided exposure being on a respected FM radio station in the number two media market in the country. And I thought I was doing a pretty damn good job.

Turns out – Not so much. I ended up getting kicked to the curb from a job I wasn’t even being financially compensated for. And back then, it felt as if all that hard work was for nothing. But I was like, ok, – fine – I’ll spin it to my advantage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been an absolute pleasure being on the airwaves. Thank you for the love, the support, the feedback. Unfortunately however, this is my last show. And the reason – well – I’m proud to announce it’s an exclusive – You’re hearing it here first – My candidacy for the 10th District seat on the Los Angeles City Council”. Oh, Boss Ross, that’s amazing. Applause. Applause.

Pretty savvy wouldn’t you say? Except I didn’t win the election. In fact, my bone crushing defeat was pretty decisive. And that was exactly what was meant to happen.

See most people who run for public office lose their first time out. Which then could – and should – provide an opportunity for self analysis, self reflection.

Asking yourself things like, do I actually want this? What could have been done, I don’t know differently? What am I supposed to glean from this experience?

The funny thing was, I focused so much on increasing my visibility in order to become an elected official, without even considering how successful I had become injecting myself into newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV news programs – All within a pretty short span of time. On top of that, I enjoyed doing it.

You know, not getting elected, suddenly opened the door to unlimited possibilities. I ended up becoming a paid published opinion and editorial writer for various outlets. I was hired. Yes – This time I got a salary and lil stock, to host and executive produce my own talk radio show “Keeping It Real With Kevin Ross”. And I was a frequent contributing legal and social commentator on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN. No, I never gave up on wanting to be a public servant.

In fact, three years later, I ran a second time again taking on an incumbent. Not for a legislative seat however, but a judicial one.

By then, I was able to raise more funds – Which is the worst, by the way. I was able to secure invaluable endorsements, campaign smarter with greater intention, greater focus. And this time – Well – I won!

Only to lose my job, seven years later. For that story, you’ll have to purchase the book which I’m working on as we speak. Stay tuned. But yeah, getting fired from the bench was one of the most painful things

I ever went through in my entire life. Well, that and being shot with a BB gun and almost being blinded in one eye at the age of nine, but I digress. As it turns out, being removed as a judge however, would also become one of the best things to have happened in my life for a host of reasons. One of which is why you’re listening to me as I share this with you right now.

See TheGrio is owned by Allen Media Group, the same company that created and distributes “America’s Court”. The company led by Mr. Byron Allen, that hand selected me to be their first talent to enter the daytime syndication market.

How do I go from essentially, damaged goods, to being the longest running uninterrupted court show, when season 14 airs in the fall of 2023? And why am I convinced that it was all divinely inspired?

Pondering these questions is where I’m going to leave you, at least for now. Make sure you come back for part two. You’re not gonna wanna miss how – What I’ve shared – ties into what’s next. Until then, don’t just be good, be great!

I’m Kevin Ross and this is The Podcast powered by TheGrio. Follow me @IamBossRoss on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for listening. See you next time.