Abortion Rights

On the ballot is Issue 1, a proposal to raise the threshold for passing changes to the state’s constitution from a simple majority to 60%.
/ August 8, 2023
White House says it will fight mifepristone ruling. But if this case goes to the Supreme Court, it will face the justices who overturned Roe.
/ April 12, 2023
When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year and gave control of abortion policy to the states, it led to bans and restrictions in some states, and executive orders and lawsprotecting access in others.
/ February 6, 2023
Vice President Kamala Harris is set to mark Roe v. Wade’s 50th anniversary in a speech to abortion rights advocates in Florida’s capital.
/ January 22, 2023
Millions choose the contraceptive pill every year, and many more would if not for barriers presented by an outdated prescription requirement.
/ January 22, 2023
All options must be on the table to address the damage done by overturning Roe v. Wade, and that includes a plan to expand the Supreme Court.
/ January 19, 2023
Voters in battleground Michigan enshrined abortion rights in the state constitution, joining reliably Democratic California and Vermont in taking that step. An anti-abortion measure in Kentucky was too early to call.
/ November 9, 2022