The JustUs app, created by John Quashie, 33, in June 2020 was born out of frustration, chaos, and a glimmer

/ November 29, 2020

Noticing the difficulty matching Black therapists with Black people seeking mental health aid, Eric Coly, decided to use technology to

/ December 23, 2019
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TODAY - Lyndsey Scott relies on both her brains and her beauty for a living, drawing as much attention for

/ April 4, 2014
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REVIEW - The coming game app 'Thralled' dares to tell the story of violence, freedom, slavery and family that was

/ September 6, 2013
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theGRIO REPORT - If kids want to stay at the head of the class and keep health and fitness a

/ August 30, 2012
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MSNBC - Believe you are witnessing an unlawful police stop and want to record the moment? There's an app for

/ June 8, 2012