British Royal Family

OPINION: Despite all the attacks from social media and the British media in general during the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth, the Duchess of Sussex continues to take the high road.
/ September 15, 2022
OPINION: Four women from countries across the Commonwealth reveal their feelings about the complicated legacy of the queen and what her death means to the future of the monarchy.
/ September 10, 2022
OPINION: Calls for Black Twitter to show some “decorum” perpetuates the false narrative that people around the world rather enjoyed being oppressed by the now-deceased queen.
/ September 9, 2022
LONDON (AP) — Buckingham Palace on Friday answered one of the biggest remaining questions about Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee
/ May 6, 2022
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex -
At first blush, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trip to New York City didn’t have the usual trappings of
/ September 30, 2021
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II has remained mum about social issues and injustice in the wake of the police killing of George
/ September 10, 2021
Oprah Winfrey Meghan Markle Prince Harry
In his new docuseries, The Me You Can’t See, Prince Harry opens up to Oprah Winfrey about the traumatizing evening
/ May 21, 2021