Diamond and Silk

diamond and silk theGrio.com
Trump supporters Diamond and Silk say they believe the novel coronavirus is an attempt to use Black people as guinea pigs for scientific experimentation.
/ April 8, 2020
diamond and silk theGrio.com
Diamond and Silk went live with a conspiracy theory that the U.S. media has hyped up coronavirus cases, including deaths, to make President Trump look bad.
/ March 31, 2020
Donald Trump has long relied on the shucking and jiving of two of his most prized puppets Diamond and Silk to get his hateful messages across and now the distastrous duo are slamming Democrats.
/ August 13, 2019
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
Steve King ignited a bipartisan firestorm last month when he ask how “White nationalist, white supremacist” became offensive.
/ February 5, 2019
Here is The Download for April 12th. Last night, theGrio got a shout out on Fox News, thanks to Diamond […]
/ April 12, 2018
These two claim their dubious political ties have led them to being unfairly targeted by Mark Zuckerberg.
/ April 11, 2018