Gianna Bryant

Kobe Bryant
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department union has reached a settlement in a case involving graphic Kobe Bryant crash scene images.
/ July 14, 2022
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant‘s estate will continue its partnership with Nike after not renewing its contract with the retail giant last year.
/ March 25, 2022
Bryant sued the L.A. County’s sheriffs for taking photos of the site where her Los Angeles Lakers icon husband and their child died.
/ January 7, 2022
The new coed has shared many successes with friends, family and fans in the wake of the deaths of her father and younger sister.
/ December 13, 2021
Bryant says she learned later that photos of their remains existed, and deputies and firefighters had been showing them around.
/ December 7, 2021
Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s widow and executor of his estate, filed four new trademark applications under the name Mamba Vino.
/ November 11, 2021
The $5.6 billion purchase of the company will net Bryant’s estate at least $400 million after his $6 million investment.
/ November 2, 2021