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After getting in a twitter back and forth on Thursday, Queer Eye star  Karamo Brown has deactivated his twitter and

/ August 24, 2019
Karamo Brown thegrio.com

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown has an interesting road to parenthood that really is one for the books. —Queer Eye star

/ February 20, 2019
Karamo Brown thegrio.com

Karamo Brown, co-host of the hit Netflix show Queer Eye, vowed to help deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers get the attention

/ June 29, 2018
PRIDE 2018

We celebrate 15 Black LGBTQ+ advocates who are inspiring the community with their vision and leading the way for a

/ June 15, 2018
Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan

Karamo Brown is off the market. The Queer Eye star proposed to Ian Jordan, his boyfriend of eight years, during

/ May 10, 2018
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theGRIO REPORT - Karamo is best known for his role on MTV's 'The Real World.' but now the former reality

/ June 14, 2013