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Ex-Louisville Metro Police detective Brett Hankison has been acquitted on all three charges of felony wanton endangerment.
/ March 3, 2022
Only former Louisville detective Brett Hankison was charged in connection with the rounds that entered the home of Taylor’s neighbor.
/ March 2, 2022
Breonna Taylor’s sister and mother were asked to leave the trial of former Louisville officer Brett Hankison for what they wore Thursday.
/ February 25, 2022
Prosecutors said the 10 shots Brett Hankison fired that killed Taylor also endangered the couple and child who lived next door.
/ February 24, 2022
Louisville Police Officer Charged With Wanton Endangerment In Breonna Taylor's Death
A former Louisville, Kentucky, police officer will spend two years in prison for assaulting a protester during a 2020 demonstration.
/ February 3, 2022
Sherita Smith Louisville Kentucky thegrio.com
Police in Louisville, Kentucky are looking for a Jeep with Illinois plates after a teen was killed during a drive-by shooting at a bus stop.
/ September 23, 2021
The Taylor artwork is now co-owned by the National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. and The Speed Museum in Louisville.
/ September 9, 2021