President Donald J. Trump

The White House has released a statement that one of the valets assigned to President Donald J. Trump has tested positive for coronavirus.
/ May 7, 2020
In an exclusive interview, President Donald J. Trump admitted that “it’s possible there will be some” deaths as the country moves toward reopening.
/ May 6, 2020
Reports reveal that white supremacists in America are using the coronavirus pandemic to stoke fears and add to their ranks.
/ May 4, 2020
Don Lemon
On CNN Tonight, Lemon looked directly into the camera and asked the President, “What is about President Obama that really gets under your skin?”
/ May 4, 2020
The president’s plans to have large rallies do not take into consideration information from researchers that says a vaccine will not be available this year.
/ April 30, 2020
Two men in Georgia were treated by emergency physicians after allegedly ingesting disinfectants to guard themselves against the coronavirus.
/ April 29, 2020
Trump has a history of being rude to reporter Yamiche Alcindor but has recently tried an entirely new tactic when responding to her, flattery.
/ April 21, 2020