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Jeannette Epps

  Dr. Jeanette Epps is finally speaking out for the first time about being removed from the next mission to the International Space Station,

/ June 25, 2018
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John Glenn, who was one of the the first U.S. astronauts to orbit the Earth, died Thursday.

/ December 8, 2016
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theGRIO REPORT - She has begun training for her March 2015 lift off with the Netherlands-based company Space Expedition Corporation.

/ April 14, 2014
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VIDEO - Mandla Maseko is set to fulfill his ambition to become the first black African to travel into space.

/ February 5, 2014
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NEW YORK (AP) - The Academy Award winner hosts and narrates the series, "Through the Wormhole," and it was made

/ June 8, 2010