The rate of evictions is returning back to what it was pre-COVID-19, and many of those who were unable to

/ July 18, 2020

Calls for racial and cultural diversity in police departments have been on the rise in recent years, but the findings

/ July 25, 2019
Sexual Harassment

A new study says that Black women call out and report instances of sexual harassment at work more than white

/ July 1, 2019
african kings

  A new study is reporting that although Black and Hispanic Americans are less likely to smoke cigarettes than their

/ December 4, 2018
Black women

Monday evening the Brookings Institute tweeted out the findings of their latest study, with the provocative headline, “Black women have

/ March 27, 2018
african kings

According to a new study published by Carnegie Mellon University, the secret to success is who you marry.

/ August 23, 2017
african kings

According to a study by Oxford University, women with larger butts tend to be smarter and healthier.

/ December 7, 2016