Thurgood Marshall

White House Black History Month Exhibit
As Black History Month comes to a close, the White House welcomed theGrio to the East Wing to exclusively view
/ February 26, 2022
Attorney Benjamin Crump, who has been responsible for securing tens of millions of dollars in damages for Black victims of
/ December 3, 2021
As America’s historically Black colleges and universities continue to carve out their niches as powerhouses in educational and sports programs,
/ December 3, 2021
Georgia Republicans are pushing to have a statue of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas installed outside of the state’s
/ October 1, 2021
Supreme Court
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund is investing in young civil rights lawyers through its Marshall-Motley Scholars Program. The organization has
/ May 17, 2021
On Wednesday, Kamala Harris will officially become the first U.S. vice president who is a woman and of Black and
/ January 17, 2021
Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 9th Annual Governors Awards - Show
In a new as-told-to article, Chadwick Boseman‘s agent opens up on the late actor’s ethical role selection process. Read More:
/ September 3, 2020