‘The Last OG’: Tracy Morgan dedicates new show to crack users and dealers

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Comedian Tracy Morgan wants the world to know that he did his new series, The Last OG,  for the culture.

“This show is dedicated to everyone in the ‘80s. Everybody that sold crack, everybody that used crack,” Morgan said, according to the New York Daily News.

Crack he says, “wiped out a whole generation. Dedicated to all those that get incarcerated for nonviolent crimes that get out and try to get their lives back on track.”

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The Brooklyn-based show is Morgan’s ode to the everyday hustle. Morgan, a Brooklyn native is familiar with the hard street life and persistent drug problems that plagued his Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

“I know these characters, they’re part of my life,” he said. He credits “growing up in the right place and the right time” as the catalyst behind helping him craft his new show.

“It’s the perfect time to talk about second chances in life, not throwing anybody away,” Morgan told theGrio at the show’s red carpet premiere in NYC.  “People are in this world struggling trying to get there life back on track and we want to be inspiring to them.”

Morgan is a producer on the show and he’s also made it a family affair. He said his wife, Megan Wollover, helps him with show ideas –  a collaborative lesson he learned from his long-time friend Tina Fey who worked with her hubby.

“Happy wife, happy life!” he said joking. “Tina Fey and her husband are in business together, that was my model,” he said.

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On the mend

Morgan recently got real and raw talking with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson about the tragic 2014 truck accident that left him clinging to his life.

In an exclusive clip on an upcoming episode of Dyson’s new show The Raw Word, it seems like Morgan’s still processing his brush with death and he doesn’t hold back about his new life reality.

“I look at me in the mirror and I said it could have went either way,” he yells at the camera in the video interview.

“It could have went either way for me. I ain’t have to walk away from that accident. My room wasn’t ready,” he said.

Raw Word is a daytime panel talk show produced and hosted by Dyson. He will co-host with reality personality, Claudia Jordan and chronic pain psychologist, Dr. Dan Ratner for the four-week broadcast test run in March.

In the episode, Morgan uses his experience to enlighten people.

Take your mark

“You gotta run your race young people and make it a good race,” he said. “Every morning I wake up Satan says ‘damn, he up again’ cause it’s gonna be a fight for my soul!”

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It seemed like the vent session also proved to be therapeutic for Morgan.

“I’m glad this story is being told because me and you (Dyson) are a part of the lost generation. Crack-age wiped out a whole generation man,” he said reflectively.

Morgan then reflects on how drugs took its toll of his dad.

“My father died of AIDS when I was 19. He was drafted into Vietnam. He didn’t go there a junkie he came home that way. And when he was on his death bed in the hospice, he looked at me and my older brother and he was crying and blood was coming out his eyes and he said ‘I wasn’t even done with ya’ll yet.’ ”

The Last OG was created by Oscar-winner, Jordan Peele and John Carcieri and will also star Ryan GaulCedric The EntertainerAllen Maldonado and it-girl Tiffany Haddish.

Morgan told Vanity Fairthat Peele “helped heal me by making me laugh again.”

The Last O.G. airs on TBS April 3rd.