Fabolous formally charged with assaulting Emily B

After turning himself in for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, the rapper is now facing serious charges

Less than a week after turning himself in, rapper Fabolous was formally charged with assaulting his longtime girlfriend, Emily Bustamante. Footage from the incident showed him threatening her father and brother.

The 40-year-old M.C., whose real name is John David Jackson, was charged by the Bergen County, N.J., prosecutor with one count of aggravated assault in the third degree and one third degree count of making terroristic threats.

Fabolous allegedly punched Bustamante seven times, damaging her two front teeth so badly that they eventually had to be removed. Fabolous also said in text messages that he would hit Bustamante, a former star of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop in the head with a baseball bat.

He also was caught on video saying said that “he had a bullet” for her father and brother who had come to help her. The video and the charges have not stopped countless men and even celebrities like Lil Kim from defending and supporting Fabolous.

Faboulous has not made any public statements, but his attorney is proclaiming his innocence.

“I’ve known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct,” attorney, Alberto Ebanks told Billboard.

If convicted, he could face three to five years in prison along with up to $15,000 in fines for the assault charge. He is set to appear in court later this month