Cardi B opens up about male celebs sliding into her ‘DMs’ and her loyalty to Colin Kaepernick

In a candid interview, the rapper talked about the guys who wanted to press up when they thought she'd remain single, plus a few other things

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Cardi B recently revealed that as soon as she announced that she and husband Offset had broken up, high profile men wasted no time sliding into her inbox.

During an interview with ABC News’ TJ Holmes, the Bronx native gets candid about how aware she was of her options during her brief separation from the father of her child.

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The charismatic rapper didn’t drop any names about her interested suitors and instead pivoted the conversation back to her husband, with whom she is currently in the process of reconciling.

“I think we’re gonna be alright,” she said optimistically. “You know, you got to take it slow.”

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She also admits that since her parents broke up when she was only 13, wanting her daughter Kulture to be raised in a two-parent household is also an incentive for her to give her marriage another chance.

“I don’t know, I did the parties when I was young,” she explains to Holmes. “You know, I’m 26 now. I work almost 24 hours. I’m a mom.”

Although family and work are clearly her priorities, she’s made it clear that her values mean more to her than money. Which is why she refused to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, telling GMA that the only way she would have been involved this year was if “they hired my friend back,” referring to former player Colin Kaepernick.

“He’s standing up for minorities,” she elaborates. “And it’s like if we don’t support who stands up for us who’s going to support us? I grew up in different ethnicities of minorities so I, I sympathize with everybody you know.”

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Check out the full ABC News interview below: