Following the tragic death of singer Janice Freeman, who appeared on the 13th season of The Voice, her former coach Miley Cyrus has stepped up for her child.

According to USA Today, Cyrus announced on Monday she had made a vow to “take care of” Freeman’s 12-year-old daughter prior to her passing.

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According to TMZSaturday the soul singer was at her West Covina, Calif., home with her husband, Dion, when she began complaining that she couldn’t breathe. Her husband called 911 and performed CPR on her until paramedics arrived, but she was pronounced dead around 5:30 PM in the hospital.

Freeman’s manager told TMZ that the singer had been battling bronchitis and lupus, and that the blood clot was actually in her lungs. Sources speculated that a blood clot traveled to her heart.

A statement from Freeman’s management posted to her Instagram Stories later confirmed that the 33 year old had died of “an extreme case of pneumonia and a blood clot that traveled to her heart.”

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Cyrus and Freeman met on The Voice, but their bond, both personally and professionally extended far beyond the show.

“All those texts I would receive, just of you saying that your (sic) praying for ME,” Cyrus recalled in another post. “How you were so selfless I’ll never understand. The way you found the good in everything.”

“You are now a rainbow,” she added. “Something beautiful that comes after something so gloomy.”

“You were the only artist EVER, that I tried so hard to “sign,” was going to create a label just so YOU could be on it,” she revealed.

In addition to her daughter Hannah, Freeman also leaves behind her husband Dion, her mother Janice, and her brothers and sisters.

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