Master P loves Ramen Noodles so much, he created his own brand

He calls it Rap Noodles! Yum.

Master P visits Build to discuss the movie “I Got the Hook Up 2” at Build Studio. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

New Orleans’ styled Creamy Chicken Gumbo or Cajun Shrimp Noodles? Sounds appetizing? Well, Master P thinks so.

The “Make Em Say Uh” rapper and business mogul is now making another foray into the culinary world after building a successful snack business for his “Rap Snacks” brand, which he co-founded with James “Fly” Lindsay, according to Complex.

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Master P took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce his new “Rap Noodles,” and included a video of himself cooking some up in his kitchen.

“Chef-Boy-Ar-P. I grew up on noodles now I created my own brand,” Master P captioned the post. “Start small and build. Get you some product if you want to be successful. It’s nothing like this New Orleans flavor creamy chicken and gumbo. You can cook it on the stove or you can put it in the microwave,” the caption read.

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In the video, the rapper adds: “So, if you want a real meal … hmmmm, that’s delicious,” he says stopping to taste. “I know about noodles … There’s nothing like this. See this? The icon brand. Chicken and gumbo, real New Orleans’ flavor. I use to go uhh na-nah-na-nah, now I’m going ‘Uhhh delicious! If you ain’t eating rap noodles than you shouldn’t be eating noodles because this is the best of best noodles. Those other noodle companies have nothing on us! We rap noodles. We the King Kong of noodles,” he ends, laughing.

Additional rap noodle flavors of the ICON Ramen Noodles brand include Hot N Spicy, Spicy Picante Chicken and Sirloin Steak Beefy. We’re not sure yet when the noodles will hit the shelves and where they can be purchased, but when we find out, it’s about to be Chicken Noodle time at the crib.

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We applaud Master P’s hustle. From chips and noodles to Moneyatti Brand sneakers, a portion of the revenue from his various brands traditionally go back into the community to fund educational initiatives.

We see you, bruh, putting in that good work.