Ava Duvernay allegedly receiving threats from Bernie Sanders supporters

Duvernay objected to Sanders declaring that he would not let Democrats or Republicans stop him

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(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Ava Duvernay is one of the most celebrated Black creatives of our time, but over the weekend the award-winning director found herself in the crosshairs of overzealous Bernie Sanders supporters who took issue with her for critiquing their candidate.

Friday evening, the Vermont Senator tweeted out, “I’ve got news for the Republican establishment. I’ve got news for the Democratic establishment. They can’t stop us.”

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The next day, Sanders would go on to win the second caucus of the primary season, and the first nominating contest in the West, in Nevada. While this emboldened his die-hard fans and allies, Duvernay wasn’t entirely sold.

“I’m undecided. But I know this isn’t what I want,” she wrote in response to Sanders’ tweet Saturday.

“You know how much I admire you, Ava. I have my direction I want you to go, but even if your candidate isn’t Warren, I know whatever decision you make will be in the interest of what you feel is best for yourself and more importantly — our community,” author Frederick Joseph wrote in response.

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But aside from some initial support, Sanders’ supporters quickly caught wind of DuVernay’s apparent apathy toward’s their fave and very soon she was being bombarded with messages that ran the gamut from disappointment to anger.

“Ava what is it that you want then? A little surprised with your tweet. Since I have always seen you as a progressive woman,” wrote one woman to which the filmmaker responded, “So you’re saying if I disagree with his statement that I’m not a progressive woman? Is that what you’ve just written here?”

“People on here getting emotional about one man without keeping their eye on the real ball,” she elaborated, then added, “I understand exactly what he’s saying here and I don’t agree with it. He can’t win that way. And he surely cannot govern that way. How’s he gonna get anything passed? How’s he gonna move anything forward?”

However, once the discussion became ugly and violent, DuVernay tapped out, posting, “Bernie supporters terrroizing my mentions while I’m off enjoying my Saturday.”

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