7 winter-friendly ideas for a great first date

Have a first date planned this winter? Skip the standard dinner and stand out with a unique outing.

You may not have a valentine lined up this year, but during the colder months, the desire for deeper connections runs high. The scenic backdrop of winter wonderland, coupled with holiday gatherings and lower temperatures, often ignites a longing for human connection and more meaningful relationships. 

If you’re interested in attracting and building a deeper relationship, the first date is one of the most important steps in making a lasting impression. Jitters or uncertainties aside, this is the best opportunity to learn more about your partner while showcasing your best qualities. Above all, the first date should be a memorable experience. Instead of going the traditional (and high-pressure) route by opting for a fancy dinner, check out these unique first-date ideas to warm up your winter. 

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Enjoy an intimate concert at Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is an affordable, unique and fun option for a first date with a special music lover. Attendees get to experience three unique sets from different artists – each with their own sound. Everyday spaces, like an art gallery or a bar, transform into small, intimate concert settings that connect the artists with the audience. With the added mystery of the acts and location only revealed 48 hours before, each “living room” concert experience is exciting and engaging. 

Take a cooking class

Unlock your and your date’s inner chef by attending a cooking class. This winter outing allows you both the opportunity to learn how to cook the meal of your choice — from homemade pasta to sushi, the culinary possibilities are endless. You can learn more about your partner throughout the class while making the dish you will share, making this a fun interactive date option with literal flavor.  

Visit an art gallery or museum

For the art buffs, a trip to a gallery or museum is priceless. This date adventure allows you and your date to gaze at different works of art while discussing what each might represent. Artwork impacts people differently, giving you both a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. 

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Go ice skating

Whether indoors or outdoors, ice skating is the perfect winter date activity. Taking to the ice is a bonding experience filled with laughs – and maybe some falls. It may take a few times going around the rink and adjusting to the flow before the initial fear disappears, but soon, you’ll both be gliding freely around the ice and hopefully into your comfort zone. Prefer wheels to blades? Roller skating puts a nostalgic spin on the bonding activity.

Embrace friendly competition at an arcade

Let your competitive nature shine through with friendly competition at an arcade. Locations like Slate NY and Game Terminal are geared toward adults and offer a variety of games. From nostalgic games, like Pac-Man and pinball, to multiplayer games, like air hockey and foosball, an arcade has plenty of options to suit your respective strong suits.  

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Attend an arts and crafts class

Show off your creativity at an outing geared toward the arts. Whether at a paint-and-sip, a pottery class or a blind sculpting activity, arts-focused classes allow you both to showcase your artistic sides. More importantly, these classes allow you to connect with your partner while creating a memento of the experience. 

Try to beat the clock at an escape room

An escape room is a perfect first date idea that allows you to see how your date works under pressure. This winter-ready excursion allows you to see how your partner communicates and problem-solves. With various different rooms and codes to crack, an escape room is a fun, engaging experience you and your partner can enjoy together.

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