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Leave it to the Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. to find the humor in Kanye West's ridiculous claim that slavery was a choice for Black people.
Twitter was abuzz about the $1 symbolic settlement Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson received from the city of Philadelphia following their completely unnecessary arrest at a Philly Starbucks last month. But the truth is, they have more money coming.
Michelle Wolf really does have the complexion and hair texture of people I know in my life who are in fact biracial, but unless you know something she doesn't about her gene pool, we must accept that she's not Black. She's white, y'all!

Writer and activist Amber J. Phillips documented on Twitter a disturbing incident she recently endured on an American Airlines flight.
Kellyanne Conway is upping her troll game with her latest comments about our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama. She compared the two First Ladies and guess who came out on top in her estimation?
According to the Centers for Disease Control, Black mothers are three to four times more likely than white mothers to die from pregnancy-related complications. Statistics like that are why Black Maternity Health Week exists.

During a confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Louisiana lawyer Wendy Vitter refused to state whether or not she believes that the 1954  Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case was correctly decided.
Perhaps you're like me and not glued to every Kardashian scandal. In this age of social media it is virtually impossible to outright avoid stories that dominate headlines, but it is possible to find the bits of those stories that relate to other parts of the world.
Martina Big, a white woman from Germany, has been a social media lightening rod for quite some time as she has documented her "transition" into becoming a Black woman, but her latest claim to be a "true African" is a stretch even for her.

Here's a gallery of some famous and non-famous Black expectant moms.
Local news stations are reporting that the LAPD shot and killed a man yesterday evening at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, a mall located in LA's Baldwin Hills neighborhood.
Killer Mike has not had it easy on social media as of late. The Run the Jewels rapper caught heat last month for doing a pro-gun ownership interview on NRA TV. Now Killer Mike has found himself in Black Twitter's crosshairs for trying to call journalist Joy Ann Reid a hypocrite, but he came up short on the facts.
Here are seven fascinating facts about the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.
In the wake of Sacramento police officers shooting Stephon Clark to death in the backyard of his family home, many questions have remained unanswered. One of the people tasked with investigating the matter is Daniel Hahn, Sacramento's Chief of Police.
A few weeks ago, Juelz Santana reportedly fled Newark International Airport after he was caught trying to smuggle a gun through airport security and onto his flight. Santana, whose real name is LaRon Louis James, became the center of a hilarious meme after he ditched the airport and went on a two-day run. 
Conseratives in Canada are calling Black woman politician Celina Caesar-Chavannes (a liberal MP of Whitby, Ontario) racist because of her strong stances against racism.
There's a lot to love about Killer Mike. He's a dope rapper, doting husband and father, small business owner, social and political activist, and he has consistently spit out smart, high-quality music.A few years ago, I even went so...
Read why this writer was nonplussed when she first saw Lena Waithe's Vanity Fair cover and what changed her mind about it.
Chef Lawrence Page and crew are back for another season of Hustle and Soul.Last season, viewers watched Lawrence—chef and owner of Brooklyn soul food restaurant Pink Tea Cup—get entangled in workplace/bedroom drama. The flirtatious, cooking lothario employed both the...
Imagine you are minding all of your own business on a flight, gnawing at the overpriced food splayed before you, when you notice in your peripheral vision, your seatmate's stockinged feet laying atop the food tray--mere inches from the items you are shoveling into your mouth.