A Different World

Whitley and Wayne reconnect in an interview about their iconic relationship and how the show would progress if it were around today
/ August 28, 2021
HBCUs increase in applicants
Historically Black Colleges and Universities are beginning to see a surge in interest, more applications and higher enrollment.
/ August 23, 2021
Fresh Prince of Bel Air thegrio.com 90s black tv shows
Want to take a walk down memory lane? Here are 90s Black TV Shows that changed the game. Of course, we feature The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
/ July 20, 2021
Andrew Wyatt, the recently-freed convicted sexual assaulter’s spokesperson, told TMZ “the world wants to see Mr. Cosby.”
/ July 8, 2021
attorney Jennifer Bonjean, Bill Cosby, and spokesperson Andrew Wyatt
Bill Cosby broke his silence after being released from prison Wednesday due to what the prosecution in the case called a “procedural error.”
/ July 1, 2021
They reunited in a video call and talked about how the issues of the iconic HBCU-set “A Different World” still resonate today.
/ June 25, 2021
Showrunner Yvette Lee Bowser chats with theGrio about what to expect with her latest series, Run the World, premiering May 16 on STARZ.
/ May 13, 2021