Abortion ban

Experts and advocates say if abortion is banned or greatly restricted in half the states, this could harm women’s reproductive health care.
/ May 24, 2022
Tyler Harden, theGrio.com
The ruling said the law’s 15-week ban on abortions would remain blocked until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a related case in Mississippi.
/ May 20, 2022
Though the draft opinion could change, Democrats and Republicans pledged action, and battles that could play out in the states.
/ May 4, 2022
Lizzo was the keynote speaker Sunday at South by Southwest, Austin’s annual culture, tech and music conference held every March.
/ March 15, 2022
Every person under the age of 49 has lived in a United States of America with the freedom to access a legal and safe abortion.
/ February 15, 2022
One lone Black woman is escorting women who seek to end their pregnancies into the clinic under a hail of threats from protesters.
/ June 10, 2021
The South Carolina House voted in favor of a bill that will ban most abortions after six to eight weeks if providers detect a heartbeat.
/ February 17, 2021