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Karen Bass
Mayoral candidate Karen Bass in an interview with theGrio discusses the top issues in Los Angeles: homelessness, crime and the economy.
/ June 7, 2022
Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) confirmed on Monday that she will run for mayor of Los Angeles in 2022 to replace L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.
/ September 27, 2021
President Joe Biden met with the family of George Floyd at the White House Tuesday on the one year anniversary of his death.
/ May 25, 2021
House Intelligence Committee Continues Open Impeachment Hearings
Rep. André Carson just ended a Zoom meeting with fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus when he was informed of a security threat.
/ January 8, 2021
Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund defended his department’s response to the violent breach at the Capitol, saying officers “acted valiantly.”
/ January 7, 2021
Three top names are among those California’s governor is considering to fill Kamala Harris’ Senate seat now that she’ll be vice president.
/ November 24, 2020
Karen Bass Joe Biden vice-president thegrio.com
Karen Bass has previously made comments on Fidel Castro and even visited Cuba, factors that could impact her chances of becoming selected as Joe Biden’s running mate.
/ August 4, 2020