The African peace mission comes as Ukraine launches a counteroffensive to dislodge Russia’s forces from occupied areas.
/ June 18, 2023
Brittney Griner’s return to the WNBA will tip off ESPN’s coverage of the league’s 27th season when the Phoenix Mercury visit the Los Angeles Sparks on May 19 — opening night.
/ March 10, 2023
From food shortages to higher costs for goods, countries in Africa are paying a heavy price for Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.
/ February 24, 2023
Given history and racial implications, Black Americans should be concerned about the recent emergence of the Chinese spy balloon.
/ February 21, 2023
This week’s “The Hill with April Ryan” focuses on Idris Elba traveling to Africa with the EPA, Nikki Haley’s run for president and more.
/ February 17, 2023
Brittney Griner’s return to the WNBA this summer after being traded in a prisoner swap in December with Russia has created potential travel complications.
/ February 2, 2023
The West’s failures as well as the legacy of colonialism has driven African nations to seek geopolitical partnerships with Russia and China.
/ January 17, 2023
In an Instagram post, Brittney Griner shared warm words for her wife, the WNBA, and President Joe Biden, among others.
/ December 16, 2022
The Phoenix Mercury star’s recent release from a Russian penal colony renewed debate about pay equity for female athletes.
/ December 14, 2022
The body of a 23-year-old Zambian student who died while fighting for the Russian army in the war in Ukraine has been returned home.
/ December 12, 2022
While the work of the Biden administration led to the successful return of Brittney Griner, activists were also instrumental in her release.
/ December 10, 2022
Brittney Griner locs
Griner remarked, “I’m good,” as she sat in the plane on her way home. She replied, “I’m happy,” when asked how she was feeling.
/ December 9, 2022
The brother of an American detained in Russia since 2018 said Thursday that his family fears he will not be released for years, even as they supported the U.S. government’s agreement to a prisoner exchange that freed WNBA star Brittney Griner but left Paul Whelan behind.
/ December 9, 2022
Cherelle Griner
The White House was abuzz with activity Wednesday, the day before Brittney Griner would be released from Russian custody after […]
/ December 8, 2022
TheGrio was on the ground at the White House as President Joe Biden announced Brittney Griner’s release from Russia.
/ December 8, 2022
The White House said it is taking the physical health of wrongfully detained U.S. athlete Brittney Griner “very seriously.”
/ November 30, 2022
WNBA star Brittney Griner has begun serving her nine-year sentence for drug possession at a Russian penal colony, her lawyers and agent said Thursday.
/ November 18, 2022