Cardi B to government: ‘What Y’all Doing With My F—ing Tax Money?’

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Listen Uncle Sam, you can’t eff with Cardi B’s money any way you want to.

Cardi has soon found out that it’s expensive being a rap star and she’s big mad about having to hand over nearly half of her cash to the government. She took to social media to air out her dismay about the government’s 40% cut this tax season, reports Billboard. Cardi is vexed and her hilarious rant went viral.

“Uncle Sam, I want to know what you’re doing with my f—ing tax money,” she said. “You know what I’m saying? When you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates on what they doing with your donation.”

She then pointed out that she’s not seeing the receipts proving that her money is being put to good use.

“The streets are always dirty, New York one of the dirtiest cities in America. What is y’all doin’? There’s rats on the damn trains. I know you ain’t spending it in no damn prison because y’all be givin’ n—-s two underwears, one jumpsuit for like five months.”

Honestly, she’s right!

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Even though people in the comments tried to educate Cardi on how the government spends the money, saying that tax money supports programs like welfare SSI and the military, Cardi begged to differ.

“How do you know tho? where is the prove? My neighborhood still look like s—!”

Cardi is dead serious in her rant, but kept it pretty though, with her bedazzled eye lashes and a new blond hairdo.

I bet she wishes she could cut the government off with the quickness! But she can’t so get comfortable Cardi!

In the end she joked:

“Don’t mind me thoo I’m just a ex stripper with bad grammar and heavy accent.”

We feel you Cardi. Watch her viral video rant below.

Is Cardi B. Pregnant?

Cardi needs her coins, especially if a new kid’s on the way.

Word on the street is Cardi may have a bun in the oven. Several outlets have reported that she is expecting her first child with Migos member and boyfriend, Offset.

So far, the rapper has denied the claims and insist she has just put on a few pounds.

Cardi has denied the claims several times. When a fan asked if she was pregnant on social media, she replied, “No bitch. I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.”

Baby bump watch begins

TMZ reported that a staffer at the Maxim party where Cardi B was performing at the Super Bowl had been told the rapper didn’t want to deal with the “party atmosphere.”

Instead, the staffer claimed, Cardi B stayed off to the side drinking Fiji water. At that point, the staffer said that her rep spilled the beans explaining that she was about three months pregnant.

Earlier this week, Tami Roman shared her own opinions about Cardi B’s possible pregnant belly on her Bonnet Chronicles web series and the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was not amused.

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“Now I know you just said you were getting fat and that’s ok, too, but I’m just saying it looks pregnant. That pregnant lady belly, that’s what it looks like. About two or three months, I don’t know,” Roman said in the video.

“You and Offset, that baby would be so yummy!” Roman adds, softening the blow. “He’s attractive, you attractive… Just make that announcement.”

Cardi took to social media to set the Basketball Wives alum straight.

“I don’t ever talk about other people!” Cardi points out in her response. “I be talking my s–t but not about others specially [sic] if i don’t know you… Whyyyy is my name in your f–king mouth? Do i make you a check? Do i f–k you? Am i eating your p—y? Am i helping you find a job? So why Cardi B be in your f–king mouth?”

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Rumors abound with these two

In a move that surprised us all, Offset got down on one knee and proposed to Cardi with a big engagement ring, which she quickly showed off on social media.

“Thank you for seeing the potential in me since you met me. For giving me advice molding me and loving me,” she wrote. “You’re such an amazing man to me, your family, friends, kids and you are extremely talented. I can’t wait to spend FOREVAAAA with you. Let’s make a lot shmoney and love together.”

Even with that fairy tale proposal, the drama continues for this celebrity couple. In addition to pregnancy rumors, the two have been plagued by rumors that Offset cheated on Cardi, In Touch noted.

As usual, Cardi is her own publicist and took to social media to let the world know she’s sticking by her man.

“No, it’s not right for a [man] to cheat… But what you want me to do?” she tweeted in January in response to the rumors flying around. “Go f–k me another [man]? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This s–t happens to everyone and I be too, you too… People handle they relationship different soo.”