If Cardi B is pregnant…here’s how she can manage both baby and Billboard

In case the rumors are true, here's a little advice.

Cardi has gone from flat out denying the rumors to playing it coy in her responses and has even urged her fans to listen to Invasion of Privacy to get to the truth.

Cardi B

Cardi B has been making headlines since the moment she added the word, “shmoney” to our daily vocabulary.

These days, the Bronx-born rapper name is in everybody’s mouth. Not just because of the debut of her first studio album, Invasion of Privacy, but also because folks have been speculating whether or not the rumors are true that she has a bun in the oven.

Cardi has gone from flat out denying the rumors to playing it coy in her responses and has even urged her fans to listen to Invasion of Privacy to get to the truth.

Now, photos have surfaced and it has a lot of us noticing what could be a visible baby bump. Look, we’re not here to out the rapper if she’s not completely ready to make any major announcements about her growing family.

Instead, we want to say, Cardi, girl if you are expecting, we’re sincerely happy for you. We know your outspoken antics and tough exterior may make it hard for your fans believe you can be vulnerable, but we got you. Managing and maintaining this roller coaster rise to fame while carrying your first child (if that really is the case) is going to be the hardest thing you have ever done.

Here’s some unsolicited advice to help you get through the next few months:


Any woman who has been pregnant knows that the first trimester can be “taxing” to put it mildly. The exhaustion alone is enough to sideline the best of us and if morning sickness is an issue, all bets are off. To think that you have been dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with creating an album, promoting a project, and preparing for huge performances like your upcoming engagements at Coachella and Saturday Night Live all while possibly being pregnant is impressive to say the least

If you are expecting, find a way to take time to enjoy it. Don’t let the fear of losing momentum distract you from the miracle thats going on inside you. Let your friends and family remind you that your career won’t be ruined if you take some time for yourself.

Whether your experience is easy breezy or plagued by complications, there are certain truths about being pregnant that even the brightest star has to acknowledge. One of those truths is that mama and baby come first, whether you like it or not.

Another truth is that time truly does fly by, even when it feels like you have been pregnant forever. Your back or feet may hurt, you may be ravenous or squeamish at the sight of food. You may sleep all day or it may allude you no matter how hard you try. You may have fears swirling in your head about what your delivery will be like, if your baby will be healthy, and what your life will look like once that baby is born. Have you thought about what kind of mom you want to be? What kind of child will you have? What if you mess this up? Don’t worry, every other new mother is thinking the same thing.

Now that Invasion of Privacy has dropped and is already certified gold, according to Chart Data garnering rave reviews from critics at music insitutuions like Rolling Stone, here’s hoping you’ll be able to breathe a little easier. None of this amazing success or epic achievements will ever compare to the journey to motherhood you may be on right now. Take a moment to enjoy it all and understand that whatever you decide to do next is OK. If you want to sit down somewhere for three months after Coachella, who gonna stop you, boo? If you want to rock crowds in your favorite Fashion Nova cut-offs until the moment you deliver, that’s fine too.

We just hope you know that you have a choice. Listen, these fans are going to be there for you whatever you decide to do and by the look of things, you’ll be able to ride this  Invasion of Privacy all the way to finish line.