Fox News has never hidden its disdain for former President Barack Obama nor for former First Lady Michelle Obama, but now that the dust has cleared on their reign in the White House and made way for the chaos that is the Trump administration, could some of their hosts be having a change of heart?

According to Mediaite, Monday, the hosts of Fox & Friends broke away from their network’s history of Obama bashing and actually praised Michelle Obama for her surprise appearance at Sunday night’s 61st Grammy Awards. And it was quick praise either, but instead almost a minute and a half of niceties.

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During a segment called “Curvy Couch Theatre”, co-host Steve Doocy informed viewers, “Last night, they had the big Grammy awards, and there was a surprise toward the beginning of the show. Yes indeed, that is former First Lady Michelle Obama.”

After they played clips from Obama’s guest appearance, co-host Brian Kilmeade then praised her legacy and the success of her best selling memoir Becoming.

“Michelle Obama got huge applause, they had to stop the whole night, you know, for like 15-20 seconds you couldn’t even go through it, which is a tribute to her,” Kilmeade graciously pointed out.

“Her book is also number one, leaving a lot of people including the Drudge Report today, the lead story, is she getting set to run?” he continued. “Although she has been very emphatic, ‘I don’t even like politics, oh, my husband dragged me into this, I’m not running.’ But that is somebody that is, she is somebody still extremely popular.”

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On any other network these sentiments would just be seen as facts and par for the course, but here, where the hosts have previously vilified and dismissed Obama as everything from a “baby mama” to a “terrorist fist jab” – this is noteworthy.

Check out the clip below.