DC Young Fly discusses grieving Jacky Oh with Tamron Hall

The entertainer and actor appeared on "Tamron Hall" this week.

In a clip from “Tamron Hall,” the morning show host sat down with DC Young Fly, who opened up about his grief months after the passing of his longtime partner, Jacky Oh.

As theGrio previously reported, Jacky Oh passed away in May of this year. Young Fly dated Oh for eight years, sharing three children with the late “Wild ‘n’ Out” star. Sitting down with Tamron Hall, the “Candy Cane Lane” actor opened up about how he has navigated this time of grief while continuing to entertain his audiences.

DC Young Fly and Tamron Hall on “Tamron Hall.” (Photo by ABC/Jeff Neira)

Hall sheds light on a private conversation she had with Young Fly recalling being “so torn” as she told him that she “did not know” how to greet him. “I didn’t know whether to say congratulations or condolences,” she explained. “I see what you’re doing, and you’re coming out and you bring joy. Everybody’s smiling when you walk out.”

“Your job, your work is what’s keeping you focused,” Hall continued, before asking Young Fly how he is navigating it all. “We all go through grief and people grieve in different ways.”

Young Fly said, “I don’t know to this day because I am learning,” when speaking on processing his loss. “I may feel differently in two years, I may feel differently in 10, but I am just grateful that God allowed me to continue.”


“I understand my calling and I understand my purpose,” he explained. “I am put here on this earth for a higher purpose, which is to entertain the world but also show the world where it is coming from.” He added, “I am an example because now you got to see me go through trauma and still continue with my job.”

“I appreciate people like ya’ll because God brings people to me who need to here what I have to say,” he concluded.

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