Kim Zolciak wants America to know that despite her completely tone deaf comments on the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion installment, she is actually not one bit racist one bit.
Top stories for April 26, 2018 include HUD Secretary Ben Carson aiming to raise the rent on America's poorest, Kanye West is tweeting support to Donald Trump, and more.
MSNBC has enlisted help to prove that host Joy-Ann Reid’s blog was hacked and that horrifying homophobic posts that were recently unearthed, did not come from her.
Here is a short list of examples from just the past month where theoretically simple aspects of being human got complicated by someone’s views of Blackness and Black people ended up being aggrieved or worse.
A burglary suspect is crying foul after he was shot in the back by police and left with a bullet in his abdomen. Freshly released body cam video inspires new questions.
Alabama Police are now saying that protocol was followed when a Black woman was thrown to the ground, and had her breasts exposed as police officers placed her under arrest at a Waffle House.
During the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night, Congresswoman Waters had a very simple request for President Trump and she got straight to the point.
Cracker Barrel is being sued by a Black veteran who says a manager lied on him and kicked him out of the restaurant under false pretenses.
The Obamas may not have gotten an invitation to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's upcoming royal wedding, but this 19-year-old Brit did.
A private autopsy concluded that Diante Yarber was shot 10 times and choked on his own blood. Yarber died in a Walmart parking lot after police unleashed a barrage of bullets into the car he was sitting in at the time.
Noah Crowley- an 18-year-old student at Riverview high school in Sarasota, FL- decided to woo his potential prom date with a sign that many find insulting.
The family of the late singer Prince is pressing for answers into his sudden death and now, they have filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Walgreens and the Trinity Medical Center.
The manhunt for Travis Reinking, the Waffle House shooter who killed four people, finally came to an end when authorities found him in the woods near the restaurant. 
James Shaw Jr. saved his own life and that of others last week by disarming a gunman, but his good deeds continue as he raised tens of thousands of dollars for victims' families.
A group of Black women enjoying an outing at a golf club had the cops called on them for allegedly playing too slowly on the golf course.
U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has caught the ire of Black Twitter after making comments about Black voters last week at Al Sharpton's National Action Network event.
Beyoncé and Solange took a tumble on stage at Coachella, but they found a way to make it cute and here's the video proof!
Top stories for April 23, 2018 include a hero coming to the rescue in Nashville's Waffle House shooting, Kanye West stirring up controversy on Twitter, and more. 
Two years ago on this day, we lost the enigmatic artist known as Prince. The 57-year-old died in his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota. To honor Prince’s life on this day, Here are five interesting facts about the man who provided the soundtrack to our lives.
R. Kelly’s team is abandoning him, according to reports after the recent shocking sex cult claims were revealed in a BBC documentary.