Black man

A Brooklyn “Karen” allegedly assaulted a Black couple at a dog park in Williamsburg after telling them to stay in

/ September 26, 2021
Activists Hold Anti-Police Rally In Washington DC

Video footage from a D.C. police body camera shows a police officer shooting 10-rounds into a man found asleep at

/ August 29, 2021
Marcus Thompson

Family and friends rally together in hopes of locating their loved one who has not been seen for nearly a

/ August 17, 2021

A Grand Rapids police officer is seen in a video punching a man in the face several times during an

/ April 23, 2021
Kurt Andras Reinhold

In a video that surfaced this week, it appears that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department killed a Black man for jaywalking.

/ February 19, 2021

Protests broke out in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre on Friday morning, after news of a Black man being

/ November 21, 2020

San Bernardino police shot and killed a Black man outside a liquor store. The man’s only known offense that night

/ October 24, 2020