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The Reset With Coach Tish, working abroad, Ghana, African Diaspora,

Since “The Year of Return, Ghana 2019,” it seems we haven’t stopped returning to the motherland. In my circle of

/ January 19, 2023
Self-advocacy, career coach, Ariane Hunter

The art of self-advocacy is learned over time, but for Black people, I think the time to figure it out

/ December 22, 2022
Toxic job toxic workplace burnout

Why do we stay in toxic work relationships when we know it’s been time to go? The answer to this

/ December 8, 2022
YouTube curly hair content creator Ava Pearl

Ava Pearl was mocked for her curls when she was in school. There weren’t a lot of Black or people

/ December 1, 2022
Yaris Sanchez

I’ve never had someone ask me “what do you want?” more than my life coach. Every time she asks me,

/ November 24, 2022
Career Mindset new job recession The Reset Coach Tish Jennifer Streaks

If you’re planning on making a career transition anytime soon, news pundits forecasting a possible recession and tech companies announcing

/ November 17, 2022
Career Storytelling Personal Narrative

As a former journalist, I’ve crafted my life around the art of storytelling but it wasn’t until I began telling

/ November 10, 2022