Duke University

Nina King, Duke x theGrio
Nina King, who takes over as Duke’s athletics director later this year, will become only the third Black woman AD in a power conference.
/ May 22, 2021
Multi-talented entertainer and philanthropist John Legend delivered the commencement speech to Duke University’s 2021 graduating class.
/ May 3, 2021
The historically-Black colleges and universities that comprise the AUCC want their in-person students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
/ April 20, 2021
A Duke University student discovered the report and a handwritten note alluding that Floyd caused his own murder.
/ March 26, 2021
The Blue Devils is the first Power Five team to drop out after starting this season. The men’s basketball team planned to keep playing.
/ December 26, 2020
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Students and fraternity members of three North Carolina universities were arrested for the large scale drug operation on and near campuses.
/ December 19, 2020
Protests Continue Across The Country In Reaction To Death Of George Floyd
A North Carolina eugenics program sought to “breed out” the Black population in the 20th century according to a new study from Duke University.
/ July 22, 2020