Facial Recognition

Louisiana authorities’ use of facial recognition technology led to the mistaken identity arrest of a Georgia man on a fugitive warrant.
/ January 3, 2023
Facebook has apologized after a video featuring Black men was labeled as a video featuring “primates” by artificial intelligence software.
/ September 4, 2021
Lamya Robinson thegrio.com
A local roller skating rink in Michigan has come under fire using facial recognition software that misidentified a Black teenager.
/ July 15, 2021
Amazon hoped leaders in Congress would create a law that would ensure its ethical use, but no bill of the sort has been drawn up.
/ May 19, 2021
Facial recognition systems misidentify Asian and Black people up to 100 times more than white men. It remains in use, but maybe not for long.
/ April 14, 2021
Facial recognition technology has demonstrated clear racial bias with some algorithms up to 100 times better at identifying white people.
/ July 6, 2020
With the largest population of Black americans, Detroit activists are on a missison to end what they deem racist facial regoniction software.
/ July 4, 2020