Tamir Rice

Shaun King thegrio.com
The controversial activist said on social media post his family is relocating after photos of the New Jersey home were published in the news.
/ August 7, 2021
King also made his Instagram private this week, noting that he’s taking a social media break for the rest of the month.
/ July 19, 2021
International Women's Day Marked With Rallies And Protests Across The Country
Shaun King posted about a conversation he had with Samaria Rice, the mother of 12-year-old Tamir, who was shot and killed by police.
/ June 23, 2021
Samaria Rice thegrio.com
Samaria Rice has shared more about her grievances with charismatic leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement.
/ May 24, 2021
Tamir Rice thegrio.com
The family of Tamir Rice and their legal team have issued a letter to Biden’s administration and the DOJ to reopen their investigation.
/ April 16, 2021
Tamika Palmer and Tamika Mallory
Tamika Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s mom, issued a statement of public support for activist Tamika Mallory following criticisms from Samaria Rice.
/ March 22, 2021
“Calling me out my name, speaking about me without knowing me, has absolutely hurt,” she said of Rice’s words, “but, again, I understand.”
/ March 19, 2021