In case you haven’t heard, Disney+ — the raging behemoth of home streaming services — has launched a new animated
/ August 20, 2021
Chadwick Boseman thegrio.com
Fans of the late-great Chadwick Boseman get to hear him voice T’Challa one last time in this week’s episode of
/ August 18, 2021
Disney finally revealed some details about the Black Panther sequel during the company’s Investor Day on Thursday.  Marvel Studios president
/ December 10, 2020
Killmonger thegrio.com
The digital, blu-ray, and DVD release of Black Panther is something to celebrate, and now just because fans can watch
/ May 17, 2018
Black Panther villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) may have gotten a bad rap for trying to burn the world
/ March 6, 2018
Evan Narcisse is a bonafide aficionado when it comes to comics. Evan Narcisse has spent years writing about different comic book series and has been immersed in the comic book culture since he was a kid. Now, he has been charged with crafting the backstory of his favorite super hero in Marvel’s new limited series, Rise of The Black Panther.
/ February 8, 2018
Black Panther in costume thegrio.com
Rotten Tomatoes’ score for Black Panther is in and it’s 100 percent. The film doesn’t premiere until Feb. 16, but
/ February 6, 2018