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Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks In Washington DC
A new study released by TIME’S UP Now has just confirmed what many have already speculated: the coverage Sen. Kamala Harris has received
/ October 7, 2020
Tina Tchen, the new president and CEO of the advocacy group, TIME’S UP NOW provides insight into how she will lead the movement against harassment in the workplace and her unwavering support for Gabrielle Union.
/ December 3, 2019
Earlier this week the head of the Time’s Up movement had reportedly stepped down due to “family concerns,” but in
/ February 22, 2019
Lisa Borders thegrio.com
Time’s Up recently appointed president Lisa Borders stunned supporters when she announced Monday that she had resigned as president and
/ February 18, 2019
Lisa Borders will become the first president and CEO of the advocacy group Time’s Up.
/ October 3, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh thegrio.com
  Time’s Up is putting the hammer down and called for a nationwide walkout today in support of Dr. Christine
/ September 24, 2018
Tessa Thompson thegrio.com
The Academy Awards carved out a special moment during Sunday’s Oscar’s telecast to give light to the Time’s Up movement
/ March 4, 2018