Watch: Grio Top 3 | Who are the Top 3 Black power couples in Hollywood?

We're talking about that "Sunday Kind of Love." Here are the couples who are building empires in Hollywood.

Can we say #couple goals!! These stars have shown us how to build an empire through love.  Listen in as hosts Dozie Ezemma and Alexandria Ikomoni discuss their favorite couples in Hollywood.

LeBron James and Savannah James attend Netflix’s “Hustle” World Premiere at Regency Village Theatre on June 1, 2022, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Alexandria Ikomoni: Who are the top three black power couples? 

Alexandria Ikomoni: OK. First, Beyoncé, Jay-Z. Come on.

Dozie Ezemma: Look, I could have predicted what you were going to say. But, I get it though. It’s pop culture. It makes sense. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: Tell me about a more powerful couple in Hollywood right now. I’ll wait. Exactly. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: OK, the other great ones are Barack and Michelle Obama.

Dozie Ezemma: Of course. Who doesn’t love Michelle and Barack? Come on. That’s power. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: They were a great couple. They’re great. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: No matter how you feel politically, they are a great couple. That’s Black excellence. And they’re doing a lot of great things. More power to them. I really love what they do. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: If I go with someone else,  I’m going to say Ciara and Russell Wilson, of course. 

Dozie Ezemma: They are a great pick. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: You know, he owns a space in the sports world. We know Ciara in the music industry. She’s gorgeous. Everything.

Alexandria Ikomoni: And you know that Ciara prayer. The people still want that till this day. They are couple goals for a lot of people. 

Alexandria Ikomoni: So those are my three. 

Dozie Ezemma: All right. You did pick three really good ones.

Dozie Ezemma: So my top three power couples, right? Mm hmm. I’m gonna have to start off with Magic Johnson and Cookie.

Dozie Ezemma: That man, Magic Johnson, owns everything. He’s a very successful businessman, and his wife is supporting him. They are a great couple together.

Dozie Ezemma: No. 2, I’m going with Steph and Ayesha.

Dozie Ezemma: You can’t miss with them. She has a whole cookbook and cookware line. You know what Steph is doing in the game of basketball.

Dozie Ezemma: Last but not least, I’m going with Lebron and Savannah.

Dozie Ezemma: They’ve been in love since high school. Like they are a power couple.

Dozie Ezemma: LeBron just scored the most points in NBA history. Like he’s going to go down as the greatest of all time. So for sure, that’s my top three.

Alexandria Ikomoni: Yeah, I remember seeing them do like a little handshake that they have with each other. They’re so cute.

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