NBA star Kyrie Irving and his sister Asia Irving bring a mindful flair to fashion with brand Mind Less

As they prepare to launch their second collection, stylish siblings Asia and Kyrie Irving are focusing on mental and spiritual clarity.

NBA star Kyrie Irving is tapping into a new industry with his sister and fashion entrepreneur, Asia Irving. In 2023, the Irving siblings launched their fashion label, Mind Less to represent the “clarity found in stillness, urging self-focus.”

“When you think about Mind Less itself, the name just speaks to that mental and spiritual clarity and how we want to build on that community,” Kyrie Irving said, per WWD. “It can be done in many different ways and different mediums, and I feel like fashion — the artistry and those who have come before us and engaged in large-scale projects, generational shifts and paradigms — have kind of done it their own way. We mirrored that same philosophy of constantly wanting to improve ourselves. And the Mind Less state is something we want for the people who are on this journey with us.” 

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Kyrie Irving #11 of the Dallas Mavericks stands on the court during a timeout in the second half of the game against the San Antonio Spurs at American Airlines Center on December 23, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

Now, getting ready to launch their second capsule collection, the Irvings are using their designs to highlight “meditation, clarity, balance and a holistic approach to […] stay intentional as a human being,” with pieces that work within consumer’s daily lifestyles. For its second collection entitled “Views,” Mind Less plans to incorporate more knitwear and draped pieces into the brand’s repertoire of kimono-inspired jackets and sarong trousers.  

“It’s a little unconventional and distinctive,” Asia Irving said further explaining the brand’s creative vision. “It’s simplistic, but there’s a lot of functionality. [The brand’s pieces are] very transitional pieces from your day to night, season to season. I think that attire really reflects our inner peace and humility.” 

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While Kyrie Irving is fairly new to the fashion business, his sister is the founder of Aseye Studio, a popular fashion brand known for its nostalgic and subtly avant-garde approach to fashion. Despite having different levels of institutional fashion knowledge, both siblings are using their travel and life experiences to inform the brand’s designs. 

“I’m usually on the go,” the Dallas Mavericks player added, sharing how he weaves creativity into his NBA career. “I’m in different arenas and different platforms — I have the ability to kind of shape my own self and style just by the way I incorporate my clothing into what I do every single day.” 

Ultimately, the co-founders are prioritizing community building over profit. 

“It’s not about just the revenue or the profit or the industry rules,” the NBA star said. “It’s more or less us being authentic and welcoming in all walks of life while also respecting that we can use these artistic mediums to bring in more of us to speak on that message and broadcast that to the world.”

The “Views” collection is scheduled to drop in late May.