Biba Adams

Three states, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina, set to begin easing their states’ shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.
President Donald J. Trump tweeted on Monday night that he would be ‘suspending’ immigration into the United States amid health and economic fears during the coronavirus pandemic.
A small group of healthcare workers in Colorado are being hailed as heroes after they stood in the middle of a busy street in Denver to block protestors traveling to a demonstration against the state’s stay-at-home order. Video clips on...
Harvard and Harris Insights and Analytics found that more than 70% of its respondents support voting for November’s presidential election to be entirely by mail amid the coronavirus pandemic.
African foreign nationals in Guangzhou have reportedly been evicted from their homes and denied services, in an attempt by Chinese officials to blame them for the second wave of coronavirus cases.
A 5-year-old girl from Detroit named Skylar Herbert died on Sunday of a rare complication from COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.
In another “stable genius” demonstration, President Donald Trump pulled Q-tips out of his jacket pocket to explain coronavirus testing. The president pulled out a testing swab, held it up for reporters and compared it to standard “Q-tip” type of swab.
Donald Trump tweeted out a new campaign video this morning mocking Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.
Vanessa Bryant honored her late husband Kobe with a loving Instagram tribute on their 19th wedding anniversary: "My king, my heart, my best friend."
The documentary, 'The Last Dance,' about Michael Jordan premiered yesterday on ESPN. Barack Obama was interviewed but was not listed as president. He was listed as 'former Chicago resident.'