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A home intruder in Rochester, NY got the surprise of a lifetime when the house he chose to burglarize ended up being the residence of an 82-year-old female body builder who had no problem beating him into submission until the authorities arrived.
Justin Timberlake seemed to be having a bit too much fun in New Orleans with his 'Palmer' co-star Alisha Wainwright. But his rep said it was really nothing
Bill Cosby is unrepentant and insists he was a convicted of a crime he didn't commit in an interview from prison in Pennsylvania

OPINION: The rapper who recently talked his way into trouble after talking about his daughter's hymen appeared contrite and actually asked the right questions during the Facebook show
The ACLU is demanding an apology from school officials after a teacher threw out a student art project depicting the Black Lives Matter movement
LA Clippers forward Patrick Patterson was blasted continually after comments he made that insulted Black women and wound up saying 'mea culpa'

The freedom fighter and abolitionist will be honored with a new museum in New Jersey, where she left part of her legacy
Drama is bubbling up between Ray J and his eight-months pregnant wife Princess Love after she posts on social media that he left her stranded in Las Vegas
As the investigation into the death of Alexis Crawford continues, a suspect accused of her slaying was determined to be too likely to run from justice

Janelle Monáe is joining the team who scared audiences with 'Get Out' and 'Us' with another psychological thriller called 'Antebellum'
The former Massachusetts governor being late to the campaign game may be why only a couple of people came to his event at Morehouse College in Atlanta
Authorities are trying to find out how a man who was already convicted and serving time in Lagos was able to continue his fraudulent business
Rapper Ja Rule is cleared of any liability for what happened in the failed Fyre Festival, with a judge absolving him of responsibility for the fiasco
An Axios reporter did not find Charles Barkley's joke funny when it came off as a threat about hitting women after a conversation on his political choices
A mom who was grieving the tragic loss of her 4-year-old child, found herself lying face down in the parking lot as Arkansas police handcuffed her.
A woman who goes by the moniker 'Tanqueray', appearing on 'Humans of New York' Facebook posts has become so popular some want her story to become a film
Jussie Smollet, is pushing back against allegations by the City of Chicago that the racist and homophobic attack he claimed to have suffered were a hoax
Lizzo and Lil Nas X who dominated the charts are also dominating the Grammy award nominations with an armful between them. But H.E.R. and Beyonce also racked up several as well
A new documentary delves into the reasons Black girls are several times more likely to face suspension or expulsion in school than white girls
Last month, Lori Harvey was reportedly arrested for attempting to flee the scene of a car accident she was involved in. Now she appears to be back on the scene after taking a hiatus from social media.