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"Wait - you smoke weed?! I'm so surprised. I didn't think you were that type."Cannabis has quickly become big business in America, worth more than an estimated $10 billion and growing. But as white farmers and corporations continue to get...
The first Black teacher hired in over 25 years at predominantly white elementary school in southern New Jersey, has now filed a federal lawsuit, claiming she was abused on a daily basis by faculty.
What exactly were the circumstances surrounding John Singleton's last moments? Questions like that are exactly what have prompted the director's family to hire a private investigator. 

Allegedly, most notable of those letting out a sigh of relief is show lead, Goldberg, who may have welcomed McCain to the show as a sign of respect for her father, but has now grown weary of the explosive on air blow-ups and bickering that she often engages in with co-host Joy Behar.
 Beyonce's publicist is sending the Beyhive a message to chill out, after a viral courtside video led to some of the singer's fans sending death threats to an innocent woman.The footage, caught by ESPN, showed Nicole Curran, wife of...
At 64, Denzel Washington is already a legend in Hollywood, and now, as the actor who dazzled us in Glory, Training Day, Malcolm X, and Philadelphia (just to name a few) prepares to accept the American Film Institute's 47th Life Achievement Award, he's looking back on an extraordinary career.

 One would think that at this point in his career, money would be the last of Kevin Hart's concerns, but apparently that couldn't be any further from the truth.Wednesday, during an interview on Australian network 10play show "The Project",...
This week, popular Youtube vlogger Biannca Prince found herself in a firestorm of social media backlash after she and her husband posted a vlog of their daughter's birth. In the video, filmed just moments after baby Nova came into...
An amazing group of Black doctors are teaming up to open the first Black-owned Urgent Care Center in Chicago's Hyde Park. 

The second season of Spike Lee's Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It is in hot water with Black British viewers after an episode maligning our brothers and sisters from across the pond was called, "Trash," by John Boyega.
“Empire” star Terrence Howard and his fiance are currently under investigation by the federal government for criminal tax evasion.
Actress Racquel Bailey went the extra mile to make sure director/producer, Tyler Perry, noticed her long enough to offer her a job.
Nipsey Hussle was notoriously devoted to his family and to the relationships he formed as a member of the Crips street gang growing up. Now it seems those two worlds are colliding and butting heads over who owns the rights to certain parts of his legacy.
Young Thug is feeling the heat after a clip of his young daughter driving a car on a public road in Georgia hit social media.
In what can only be described as the deepest of ironies, a Subway sandwich shop manager in Texas, has now found himself unemployed after it was alleged he refused to give a Black teen employment based solely on her race.
Ex-NBA star Marcus Camby is in a bitter divorce battle as his wife of 14 years files for divorce claiming he had a secret love child and left her with an STD.
A Black hotel worker who went viral over the weekend for keeping his cool after a would-be guest called him the n-word, is now facing backlash for problematic tweets discovered on Twitter.
It can't be easily living up to expectations when you're the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. Now Zoe Kravitz is opening up about how a lifetime of being compared to her famous parents led to her developing a decade long eating disorder.
After years of legal trouble, rapper Meek Mill has been granted an appellate court hearing with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. According to a local ABC affiliate, the Philadelphia native's hearing is set for July ...