Brianna Rhodes

Council member Mark-Anthony Middleton was upset that it took more than 50 years after Malcolm X's assassination that he was honored in Durham, NC.
Toki Sen-I Co. is suing the rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West for using his status to defraud workers for his apparel line.
The first Black student to enroll and attend the University of Alabama has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the school after being expelled over 60 years later during the school's commencement ceremony.

A Richmond police officer has "rescinded" his promise to deliver a public apology after he cursed a group of Black middle school students in March.
A Ladue, Missouri police officer was charged with second-degree assault for shooting a shoplifting suspect in a Schnucks grocery store parking lot on Wednesday, according to St. Louis Public Radio.
TSA “busted” the Brooklyn Nets guard when an Arizona Iced Tea can was flagged in the system. They found the weed in a secret compartment inside the can and they also found some in a grinder also inside the can.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it has banned several high-profile accounts and people from its platform, including Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, according to USA Today.
The animated movie, UglyDolls, had an important, powerful message that influenced top artists like Janelle Monae to join the star-studded cast. The message of the film, tells the story about dolls and the concept of a “doll cast system” where “ugly” dolls are sent to an island because of their flaws while the pretty ones get paired with a kid. But, the main character, Molly, who is played by Kelly Clarkson, goes against the idea, despite being named an “ugly doll” and prepares to compete for kid's love along with the pretty dolls,
Scotty Garnell Morrow, 52, is set to receive the injection at the state prison in Jackson after being charged with murder for shooting his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Ann Young and her friend, Tonya Woods in December 1994, reports say.

A former Detroit police officer faces two lawsuits for alleged misconduct & abuse against two Black women, who say that offenses were "racially motivated."
Kamala Harris participated in a sit-in and challenged the president of her school during her first year in college at Howard University in 1983.
A Black woman last week filed a federal lawsuit against a Mississippi school district for naming a white male student as the salutatorian of their school, although his grade-point-average was lower than hers.
Netflix has recently announced that the multi-talented Regina King just signed a first-look deal with the streaming service.
Angela Bassett has been booked and busy. The legendary actress was recently added to the cast of the movie, Gunpowder Milkshake from Studiocanal and The Picture Company.
Eddie Murphy thinks there’s one “funny” African that could be a good asset to the project. That person is Michael Blackson.
Remy Ma turned herself in to police for allegedly punching her Love & Hip Hop: New York castmate, Brittney Taylor at a benefit concert on April 16.
Jaden Smith has recently been pegged to play a young "Kanye West" in a new anthology on Showtime called Omniverse. The show was created by Kanye West.
Nipsey Blue is just one of many suggestions in the contest that ended in 2017.
One of the men who was connected to Tupac’s murder has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute crack and distribution of crack, according to Complex.The man, Darnell Brim, a well known South Side Compton Crips member, was...
A Washington, D.C., police officer is under investigation after he was captured on video handcuffing a 9-year-old boy for leaning on a car, NBC Washington reports.The child's mother, Autumn Drayton, says the incident began when her son was leaning against...